As part of the Finland 100 celebrations in Tallinn on 10 June 2017, Sorainen organised a business forum on the topic of improving efficiency in both countries through mutual best practice.

The aim of the well-moderated workshop was to involve participants in a brainstorming session that sought first to explore the reasons behind efficiency indicators in Finland and Estonia, and then to make specific proposals for improvement, with a focus on exchanging best practices in both countries. Led by Sorainen senior partner Aku Sorainen, partner Reimo Hammerberg and Ovenia Group CEO Sirpa Ojala, three workshops took place, covering manufacturing industry; service industry; and finance, IT and FinTech, with over 30 Estonian and Finnish business executives and other decision makers sharing ideas. The business forum was followed by a visit from Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä and Estonian prime minister Jüri Ratas, who were presented with the results of the workshop and who also shared their views and commitments. Hopefully, the discussions will lead to concrete, measurable results.