Sorainen’s Estonian team has joined the Green Tiger (Rohetiiger), a new collaboration platform of Estonian companies launched yesterday, which is designed to boost environmental awareness and create a basis for a green economy.

“It’s good to work with organisations that share the same values,” explained our partner Karin Madisson. She added that the Green Tiger’s objectives fully align with how Sorainen team is thinking, so joining forces seemed a logical step towards greener entrepreneurship.

Sorainen is about to move to new premises and aims to implement the concept of green office when it does. Already today we aim to act in an environmentally friendly way and urge our employees and clients to do the same. As a law firm, we can also make a difference in various other ways, such as participating in legislative discussions or advising environmental startups.

Previously, we have been awarded the gold quality label by the Responsible Business Forum Estonia in 2020.

Many ideas, even stronger actions

The Green Tiger is not just a place to exchange thoughts and ideas. According to Eva Truuverk, the head of the organisation, members receive support from mentors and experts in order to achieve their goals of sustainable entrepreneurship. 15 companies and organisations have already formulated their own environmental goals under the pilot program and are moving towards results. The platform seeks to reach 250 members, to have a significant impact in the society.

18 founding members and 6 members were represented: Wolfscape, Arcwood, Cronimet Nordic, Swedbank, LHV, Puhastusimport, A Le Coq, Agrone, Bolt, Thermoy, Vestman Energia, Tere, Kaamos, Alexela, Ragn-Sells, EBS, Scandium Kinnisvara, Ülemiste City, Tallinna Sadam, Delta E, Sorainen, Fotografiska, R-Kiosk ja Nordic Spedition.