In 2019, we joined the Responsible Business Forum of Estonia (Vastutustundliku Ettevõtluse Foorum or VEF) to become more environment-friendly and socially responsible. We were awarded with a Silver Mark of the Estonian CSR Index, which is given to enterprises who are committed to sustainable development and strategically contribute to improving the human/natural environment.

Silver Mark – showing good CSR results

The Silver Mark indicates that CSR is integrated in the company’s core activities. The company is knowingly responsible, shows initiative, and has a systematic and consistent approach to guaranteeing socially responsible actions.

Companies are awarded in the categories of micro and small enterprises, and middle-sized and large enterprises. While middle-sized and large enterprises are expected to show consistently good performance in all areas to receive a marking, micro and small enterprises are awarded based on overall scores. We achieved 87% of the best level in 2019 in the category of micro and small enterprises.