SORAINEN partner Aušra Mudėnaitė has become a member of the board of the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA).

Aušra joined the newly elected LNTPA board, which also includes Robertas Dargis (“Eika”), Vytas Zabilius (“Ober-Haus nekilnojamasis turtas”), Arvydas Avulis (“Hanner”), Kæstutis Kristinaitis (Corporation “Matininkai”), Kæstutis Maksimavièius (“Veikmë”), Gediminas Pruskus (“Inreal valdymas”), Egidijus Damulis (“Selvaag LT”), Kæstutis Vanagas (“YIT Kausta”) and Arûnas Þemaitis (“Ogmios grupë“). The board is elected for a two-year period.

Aušra comments “The Lithuanian market needs transparent, consistent yet at the same time flexible regulation of real estate development, coordination of effective and functioning projects and procedures for construction permits, administration of smart modern city development. LNTPA turns these goals into reality step by step – by providing solutions based on experience and know-how, speaking with the united voice of development professionals and market leaders, inviting business and state institutions to communicate through mutual dialogue. I believe the SORAINEN team, awarded as the “European Law Firm of the Year”, will make a major contribution to the legislative initiatives of the Association, representing the interests of its members and enhancing the business environment.’

For over ten years the LNTPA has been one of the most influential business associations, with valuable contributions to enhancing the Lithuanian real estate business environment and creating sustainable development. The LNTPA also represents the interests of its members in state and municipal institutions, protecting the rights of members and providing them with advisory services.