Helping clients succeed in the ESG transition: greening the construction sector

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Toimumisaeg: 10:30 (GMT+3), mai 8, 2024
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Experienced in ESG and beyond

At Sorainen we’ve established a well-deserved reputation for working on matters that make the region greener, safer and fairer. The Sorainen ESG service line is dedicated to helping clients navigate the constantly changing landscape of sustainability-related regulation.

Our work in this field was also recognised in The Legal 500’s Global Green Guide 2024.

We also invest in educating clients and the market in general on ESG matters. This includes organising webinars, producing informative newsletters, accepting speaking opportunities and establishing partnerships.

During our first regional ESG-related webinar we covered supply chain management; the second webinar was devoted to ESG in M&A transactions, while the third was focused on green bonds.

Greening the construction sector

When it comes to construction, ESG’s scope goes beyond the mere reduction of carbon emissions. Just as important are things like where and how building materials are sourced, the reduction of waste, supply chain management, and maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and communities.

On this webinar we will delve into the topic from different angles, starting with an overview of the ESG landscape in the construction industry, created by Sorainen associates Elina Mizerova and Simonas Šlitas. Despite the absence of a specific “green building/construction” definition in EU law, various directives, regulations and policies underscore the sector’s commitment to sustainable development and climate action.

Then Nora Marija Laurinaitytė, green finance expert at The Green Finance Institute (GFI) at INVEGA (Lithuania), will put the spotlight on sector’s carbon footprint, as well as the urgency of renovation, and the hurdles in securing funding for sustainable building projects. From Nora’s presentation you will also find out how the Green Finance Institute drives innovations and facilitates financing solutions for renovation projects, which helps to encourage private investors to support sustainable building projects.

And another guest speaker, Andis Kublačovs, project development and sustainability director at Linstow Baltic, will speak about the sustainability agenda in Linstow Baltic’s general business practice as well as learning points from BREEAM certification.

The webinar should not be missed by investors, sustainability executives, legal and compliance experts or anyone following developments in pan-Baltic construction and real estate markets.

Registration for the webinar is free of charge.

Registration is open until 7 May.

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  • 10:30

    Welcome address

    Vitalija Impolevičienė, Head of the ESG service line at Sorainen Lithuania

  • 10:35

    Green construction legislation: opportunities & challenges

    Elina Mizerova, Associate with Sorainen & Simonas Šlitas, Associate with Sorainen

  • 10:55

    Climate change and construction sector: how to reduce the carbon footprint?

    Nora Marija Laurinaitytė , Green Finance Expert at The Green Finance Institute (GFI) at INVEGA (Lithuania)

  • 11:15

    Linstow Baltic sustainability agenda – experience and learning points

    Andis Kublačovs , Project development and sustainability director at Linstow Baltic

  • 11:35

    Panel discussion

    Moderator - Vitalija Impolevičienė, Head of the ESG service line at Sorainen