Contract Automation: First Step in your LegalTech Journey

Place: ROCKIT Vilnius, Gyneju str. 14, LT-01109, Vilnius, Lithuania
Time: 18:00, October 28, 2019
Working language: English

Irina Seniut, head of knowledge management & innovation at Sorainen, will present a user’s case and experience related to Avokaado contract automation solutions at a W@LawLT LegalTech Talk session dedicated to the topic of contract automation.

Why contract automation?

Contract automation is one of the hottest topics in the legal tech field. It is a perfect example of how law and technology can create a useful synergy and reduce or in some cases even eliminate monotonous lawyers’ work. In the nearest future contract automation tools are expected to get lawyers’ daily work into high gear and create time-saving and cost-friendly legal solutions for business.


  • Erika Kavaliauskienė, co-founder and CMO at Amberlo. She will introduce smart solutions and how law firms could transform into high-performance digital organizations;
  • Kamilė Kliukienė, legal sourcing manager at Telia, a LegalTech enthusiast involved in various LegalTech projects. Kamilė will present the general context of the contract automation market and introduce the best-rated tools from a user’s perspective;
  • Mariana Hagström, founder and CEO at Avokaado – a contract automation solution. She will introduce the main steps to start one’s journey to contract automation;
  • Irina Seniut, head of knowledge management & innovation at Sorainen. Irina will present an actual user’s case and experience;
  • Rimantė Tamulytė, partner at Foxen Law Office (moderator).

The event is free of charge and open to everyone interested, regardless of gender. Seating is limited, early registration is required.