Digital sustainability Forum: Common health data resource for smart health

Place: Digital environment
Time: 10:00, June 9, 2020
Working language: English

The Digital Sustainability Forum in Latvia is organized by the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA), Latvia’s Ministry of Economics, and Microsoft.

The event will focus on a common European Health Data Resource (EHDR), in particular the legal, regulatory and technology framework requirements related to the development and usage of EHDR.

The Forum will be set up as a digital roundtable and each expert team will focus on one topic.

Our partner Ieva Andersone will take part in a work session group on defining the rules for commercialization of intellectual property rights for developments/inventions based on genomic and other health data research.

Topics discussed by other participants:

  • Definition of national and international regulations for fast and cost-effective genomic and other health data sharing and use.
  • Implementation of sharing genomic and other health data in international data platforms or consortia research safely and compliant with the GDPR plus national and international regulations.
  • Development of a legal framework for access and reuse of genomic and other health data from clinical diagnostics for secondary use in research.
  • Harmonization and validation of genomic and other health data from various sources for use in developed IT health solutions.
  • Systemisation of secure and convenient sharing of trustworthy information on health data between citizens and authorities in support of better management of the COVID-19 crisis.

More info about the event: