Hackathon: Hack for the Future

Place: Online
Time: 18:30, December 11-13, 2020
Working language: English

Hack the Future is a sustainability and environment hackathon taking place online from December 11 to 13. The hackathon’s goal is to find innovative solutions in various fields to create more sustainable businesses, cities, households, and individual lives. Hack the Future aims to help teams with existing projects develop their solutions by providing extensive international mentor support and advice. Developers, designers, product experts, and those passionate about sustainability are also invited to participate in the hackathon by joining a team or creating their own. Participants are invited to offer a fresh perspective on the climate change crisis and develop new approaches through the lens of digitalization and technology to work towards a more sustainable and thoughtful future.

Our partner Ieva Andersone will take part in this event as mentor.

We are looking for inspiring and innovative ideas and solutions on these topics:

  • Smart Cities,
  • Sustainable Business,
  • Energy,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Food.