Procedural Rights in the EU

Place: Lisbon, Portugal
Time: July 8-9, 2024
Working language: English

This training for defence lawyers aims to present an update on the state of play regarding the six EU Directives on procedural rights. At the heart of the seminar will be the impact of the Directives on access to a lawyer; legal aid; and the right to information, interpretation, and translation, as well as the presumption of innocence.

Furthermore, the seminar will present a detailed look at procedural rights in the context of the European Arrest Warrant and (e-)evidence-gathering. Participants will have the possibility to get to know each other and make contact with colleagues from all over the EU to further their professional networks.

Our counsel, and head of Sorainen Criminal Law practice in Latvia, Dr Violeta Zeppa-Priedīte will deliver a presentation on the topic of lawyer accessibility. First of all, the presentation will illustrate the situation at the police station, the public prosecutor’s office, and the first hearing in court. The effects of Directive 2013/48 on access to a lawyer will be illustrated.

Other topics to be covered at the event include:

  • Update on the state of play regarding the EU Directives on procedural rights
  • Procedural rights in the context of the EAW
  • Gathering of cross-border (e-)evidence and its admissibility
  • The need for further measures in the EU
  • Equality of arms through a strong network of defence lawyers in Europe

More information and registration here.