About me

I am an attorney-at-law (Dr. iur.), and I head the firm’s Corporate Crime Investigation and Compliance practices in Latvia.

While specialising in criminal law and white-collar crime in particular, I defend and represent clients in cases related to money laundering, corruption, fraud and tax avoidance.

I also provide legal assistance on administrative law and administrative liability, as well as in other areas, including on corruption prevention, anti-money-laundering, verification of business partners, and ESG-related matters.

I believe that the key to an attorney-at-law’s professional success is mutual transparency and trust between client and attorney. When I assist clients, I emphasise the advantage of timely prevention over disputes and the resulting consequences.

Professional highlights

Legal assistance on issues related to money laundering. I provide legal assistance in cases related to large-scale money laundering, of up to several billion EUR, to clients including, among others, Latvian credit institutions, residents of the Republic of Latvia and foreign countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands, Azerbaijan, Spain and others) – both natural persons and legal entities.

I have assisted clients at the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Latvia to challenge freezing orders of the Financial Intelligence Unit, and at later stages in criminal proceedings, to prepare explanations that substantiate the legal origin of frozen funds, and have represented clients in court proceedings on the seizure of laundered money.

Given the current topicality of money laundering prevention, clients are very eager to receive the legal assistance on this subject; consequently, I advise on developing anti-money laundering measures and draft guidelines, as well as internal rules and procedures.

Legal assistance related to tax crime. I provide legal assistance to clients (both natural persons and legal entities) on matters related to tax avoidance.

Criminal offences are rather frequently classified both as tax evasion and money laundering and/or fraud during criminal proceedings. In addition, they often relate to the counterfeiting of documents.

Public sector crimes. I provide legal assistance and defence to clients accused of committing alleged criminal offences in public bodies, including corruption offences.

20 years of experience and a broad view. In total, I have more than 20 years of professional experience in private and public law. I have gained professional experience by practising as an attorney-at-law and working at the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, the Ministry of Justice, and the Prosecution Office for the Investigation of Organised and Economic Crimes.

During this time, I worked at European Union institutions: for several years I was the Latvian representative at the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) of the Council of Europe. I have worked as an expert of the Council of Europe on issues related to the prevention of money laundering and corruption.

Family law. I have obtained the professional knowledge needed to work with cases that affect the rights and interests of minors.

Academic background

University of Latvia, Latvia (Dr. iur.)

Lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Latvia (2006–2014)

Authored or co-authored several scientific projects and research jobs

My most significant achievements in the last few years:

  • Co-authoring the scientific monograph “Commentaries to the Criminal Procedure Law. Part A”
  • Co-authoring the book of scientific commentaries “Commentaries to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. Chapter II: The Parliament”

I am a member of

The Latvian Bar Association

The European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA)

International Bar Association (IBA)

Commission for the Professional Training, Supervision and Examination of Assistants of Attorneys