WTS Global webinar: Plastic tax ante portas – The current status in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Latvia

Place: Online
Time: 10:00 - 12:00 CET, February 23, 2022
Working language: The majority of the webinar will take place in English (some parts in German)

WTS Global in cooperation with the German Packaging Institute (dvi) cordially invites you to our webinar:
Plastic tax ante portas: The current status in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Latvia.

Deadlines, plans, regulations: This is how the plastic levy is being implemented in European countries.
Experts from the respective countries illuminate for you which path the regulators in Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Latvia want to take.


In July 2020, EU member states agreed to introduce a levy on unrecycled plastic packaging waste. The new “plastic tax” will be levied from 1 January 2021. It is paid by the member states and accrues to the EU as own resources.

National implementation

The individual states have freedom of action in “refinancing” the taxes paid. For example, the money can come directly from the national budget or be passed on to manufacturers and/or consumers through new national levies.

Heterogeneous regulations

It can be seen that national refinancing is being implemented in very different ways. While some countries are already drafting concrete legislative proposals to introduce a new plastics tax, others have announced that they do not want to introduce a new tax at all. In some member states, on the other hand, plastics have been taxed for decades in some cases.

National and international insights at first hand

Companies that produce, distribute or use plastic packaging should know what regulations and burdens they will face. The heterogeneous development in the national implementation of the EU plastic levy in the different countries and markets of Europe harbours risks and requires a lot of research. Our seminar will give you valuable first-hand insights.

Speakers and topics

  • Aina Okseņuka (Sorainen Latvia)
    Latvian natural resources tax – Practical experience from the packaging tax already introduced in 1996 as a model for the other countries?
  • Chiara Mejnardi (Italy)
    Plastic Tax in Italy – Postponement to 2023 and other current developments
  • María Palacio Guillén (Spain)
    Plastic tax in Spain – Ten-month moratorium until 2023 and further current developments
  • Lucy Healy (Great Britain)
    Introduction of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax on 01.04.2022 – Overview and obligations for importers
  • Dr. Karen Möhlenkamp and Bertil Kapff (Germany)
    Developments in Germany under the new German government – Introduction of a national plastic tax according to the coalition agreement

Costs: Regular participation fee: 200 € plus VAT (Participation is free of charge for members of the dvi)

For further information and registration, please visit the website of the German Packaging Institute:

Please note that the registration deadline is February 16 2022.