The IFLR1000 recognized five of our partners – Piret Jesse, Karin Madisson, Eva Berlaus, Lelde Laviņa and Aušra Mudėnaitė in its Women Leaders Guide for 2022. This year’s guide – the fifth edition – is by far the most comprehensive yet, featuring around 1000 lawyers globally, a 33% increase from the number of lawyers recognized last year.

Our experts have been recognized by the guide since 2020 with the list expanding every year. This year, Lelde Laviņa, head of the firm’s Real Estate and Construction practice in Latvia and Aušra Mudėnaitė co-head of the firm’s Real Estate and Construction team in Lithuania entered the prestigious rankings for the first time, joining previously ranked Piret Jesse, Karin Madisson and Eva Berlaus.

Leading female lawyers

IFLR1000 Women Leaders is an elite ranking category reserved for the most prominent women lawyers across the world working in the areas of law IFLR1000 researches. This is an exclusive group of lawyers with outstanding reputations within their markets who either have expertise and experience in working on complex deals or who have risen to hold leadership roles with their firms or their practices. For some individuals both these things are true.

All five recognized by the guide are among the most experienced practitioners active in their markets. They have impressive track records and are consistently recommended by clients and peers for the quality of their advice and services.

Advising landmark cases

Having over 20 years of experience in the field, all five have participated as leaders in numerous landmark deals

The most recent high profile cases for Piret, Eva, Karin, Lelde and Aušra include:

We thank IFLR1000 for the recognition and their continuous work in emphasizing the importance of gender equality.

The guide is available for free here.