Responding to the challenges that businesses are facing during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are introducing a Sorainen podcast. In the podcast our lawyers and tax experts cover business-critical issues and share their advice on adapting to this unprecedented situation. Listen to the podcast on Spotify and iTunes.

“After launching an international COVID-19 Task Force we were looking for additional ways to distribute valuable content created by our team to help both our clients and the overall business community in our region to find relevant answers to their everyday issues,” says Katri-Helen Wojtkowiak, head of Business Development & Marketing.

Covering key topics for businesses in the Baltics and Belarus

In the podcast episodes we cover the most relevant information for business: employment advice, force majeure and hardship clauses, contracts, dispute resolution, government relations, state aid options, tax issues, public procurement in extraordinary circumstances, business restructuring, insurance, travel restrictions ‒ and more. We plan regular posting of new episodes to make sure that we offer the most up-to-date insights.

The podcast focuses on four countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus – and the episodes are offered in four languages. “Since COVID-19 related issues are different in each country, we aim to introduce more local content in our podcast,” says Katri-Helen.