On July 1st our Lithuanian team moved to Live Square, the new multifunctional A class business centre located at Gedimino ave 44A. The new office, whose concept was partially influenced by Sorainen personnel, is exceptional in its flexibility, functionality, sustainability, and a unique interior design which helps foster a productive, cooperative environment.

Personnel helped conceptualize the premises

When choosing the new offices, great emphasis was put on personnel and client convenience, which explains why not only architects but also personnel of all levels and functions were involved in office design. Says our country managing partner for Lithuania, Tomas Kontautas: “Our organizational culture encourages involvement by all our people, which is why back in 2016, when we started developing the concepts for the new office, we asked them for their opinion on what the new office should be like. The result – a new office where it is easy to work productively and which it is comfortable to be in. We decided against an open office layout and chose a mix of closed office rooms and separate zones for cooperation. This allows us to use the office spaces more effectively and flexibly for different needs – concentration requiring individual work, idea generation along with colleagues, zones for meeting with clients or recreation.”

Tomas notes that the rooms themselves are arranged so as to represent the horizontal structure of the company and in order to avoid a hierarchy in establishing solutions

Spaces provided with unique cooperation-enabling solutions

In our new office established in the A class Live Square business centre the emphasis is on spaces intended for cooperation. The 2200 m2 premises contain many meeting rooms with different characteristics, such as rooms intended for small video conferences, rooms for formal and informal meetings, and larger rooms intended for seminars and board meetings. At the same time, these spaces are provided with smart solutions allowing for remote communication and cooperation.

Among the carefully designed office spaces are other conveniences too. The office includes several kitchens, child and sports rooms, showers, a bicycle garage, and recreational spaces on the outside terrace.

A comfortable location for clients

Tomas adds: “Speaking about the office itself, we sought a comfortable location for clients. Gediminas avenue is perfect for this – the office, which is next to Lukiškių square, is easy to reach on foot, by bike or by car from all the main business centres on both sides of the Neris river. Those arriving by car can also comfortably park in our underground parking lot. Attention to clients meant that this also influenced office design and meeting room installations.”

Environmentally friendly solutions for business centre

Coherence and sustainability were also among the most important criteria when choosing and furnishing the office. The building that we occupy is designed according to BREEAM IN-USE international sustainability certificate “Excellent” standards, and the offices are designed to make the most out of resources in order to minimise the environmental footprint.

In total the new office has 140 modern workplaces, with capacity to grow. Modern flexible solutions ensure that the office will be suitable for the firm for at least the next 10 years.