About me

I’m a senior associate in the Finance & Insurance team. I specialise in anti-money laundering and compliance issues for fintech and other financial institutions. I also advise on risk management, cryptocurrencies and other fintech regulatory matters.

Professional highlights

Business risk management at different stages of growth. I have gained considerable experience in the start-up of a newly licensed financial market participant, where I had to develop a compliance and risk management strategy and implement technical solutions for its implementation.

Risk management in the financial sector. Having worked in payment institutions and banks, I have gained significant experience in the private sector and have a good understanding of the risks that financial market participants face daily. I advise clients on anti-money laundering, terrorist financing, risk management, licensing, and other regulatory issues, as well as on establishing internal controls and procedures to mitigate the risks effectively.

Anti-money laundering. A highlight of my career is the implementation of robust compliance programs tailored to the unique needs of electronic money institutions and traditional banking entities. This includes the development and execution of comprehensive AML/CFT policies, procedures and training programs that foster a culture of compliance at all levels of the organization.

Academic background

  • Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania (MA in International Law)