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Finance & Insurance

When your business has needs in the areas of financial services or insurance, we are there to find a solution together with you. Our team is exceptionally adaptive to clients’ requirements, and we can understand and tackle every need our clients have in the world of money. Whether you want to take out a loan for your new project, or whether your circumstances have changed and you want to refinance one – or even if you want to go to capital markets for funding – we will advise you on achieving the deal that is right for your interests. If you are looking for extra certainty about an insurance policy for your business or need to make a claim for indemnity when something has gone wrong, we will guide you through every step of the process to ensure that you get the best result for you.

A solid foundation for success

Specialisation is one of our core strategic choices, it enables us to attract top talent in the field, and to serve our clients with confidence. Our finance lawyers do exactly what it says on the package – all or at least 80% of their time is spent working on the financial sector and on financial services mandates. This means you can be sure that serious brainpower is being applied to solving the challenges you face.

Exact and pragmatic solutions

When clients of ours, from any industry, require help in navigating the world of finance, they rely on us for legal counsel that will be able to tackle any issues, and do it in a pragmatic way so that the resources spent result in more value gained or loss prevented. That is why we listen carefully and ask questions, invest as much of our experience and thought as possible and never propose a solution before we are sure it will meet all your needs.

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