Aivar Kamal

Assistant Lawyer


Estonian, English, Russian




About me

As a member of the Finance & Insurance team, I assist associates with various financial services, fintech, and banking-related matters. I focus on preparing legal analyses and applying for licences.

According to Art. 40 (3) of the Bar Association Act, lawyers do not provide legal services. Lawyers assist attorneys.

Professional highlights

Integrated approach. My unique background in both finance and law equips me with a multifaceted perspective that goes beyond traditional legal expertise. This integrated approach allows me to understand our clients’ businesses and their goals in a comprehensive way. It enables me to provide exact solutions to the specific challenges our clients face, aligning with Sorainen’s core values and objectives. Drawing on my experience as a trainee at the Supreme Court of Estonia and Tallinn Circuit Court of Appeals, I recognise the importance of offering proactive advice that can help prevent disputes.

Detail-oriented and deadline-driven. With extensive experience in enforcement matters, I have worked with a diverse range of debtors and creditors. Navigating various unusual and complex legal and mental situations has taught me the importance of a tailored approach that accommodates differing viewpoints and demands while remaining fair and balanced. This approach, which I intend to bring to Sorainen’s clients, is characterised by an unwavering focus on critical details, adherence to deadlines, and precision.

Many-sided development. I’m a lifelong learner, committed not only to professional growth but also personal and intellectual development. I actively seek opportunities to learn, whether through online courses or reading. This thirst for knowledge reflects my dedication to delivering informed and innovative solutions to our clients at Sorainen.

Active citizenship and youth advocacy. Beyond my professional life, I am deeply committed to being an active and engaged citizen. As a professional youth worker, I play a vital role in advancing youth initiatives in Estonia. I support young people in their projects, nurture their aspirations, and provide mentoring in my free time. I also actively assist student organizations in reaching their goals, either by helping them secure funding through TalTech Student Union or by finding ways to ensure their financial sustainability. My goal is to make a positive impact both in the legal field and in the community.

Academic background

– University of Tartu (MA in Law, to be obtained)

-Tallinn University of Technology (MA in Finance and Accounting, to be obtained)

-The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Course)

-Youth worker EQF level 6

-Univesity of Tartu (BA in Law)

-Tallinn University of Technology (BA in International Business Administration)

I am a member of

-Tallinn University of Technology Student Union