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  • The new procedure for receiving and distributing profits and dividends for foreign shareholders in Belarusian companies

    Publication / Kirill Laptev, Olga Haiduk, Dzmitry Kovalenka

    Starting from 16 September 2023, in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 285 (available in Russian only) dated 13 September 2023, a new procedure for obtaining and distributing profits and dividends for foreign shareholders and owners of property from unfriendly countries* (hereinafter referred to as foreign participants) will enter into force in Belarus. *The list of […]

  • Procedure for application of special restrictive measures introduced in Belarus

    Publication / Kirill Laptev, Olga Haiduk, Viktoria Shevyakova, Boris Kruglikov

    Law No. 280-Z dated 12 July 2023 “On the Application of Special Restrictive Measures” (the Law) was published on 20 July 2023. It defines the principles and the procedure for the application of special restrictive measures, as well as measures to remove obstructions to the protection of the rights, freedoms and legal interests of Belarus in light of unfriendly actions […]

  • Key news in the pharmaceuticals sector in Belarus

    Publication / Marina Golovnitskaya, Kirill Laptev, Olga Haiduk, Viktoria Shevyakova

    Alterations to the practices of informing by representatives of pharmaceutical companies Starting from 1 May 2023, in Belarus, the procedure and conditions for informing medical and pharmaceutical workers by representatives of manufacturers of medicinal products have been changed. New features are provided for by the Resolution of the Ministry of Healthcare No. 51 of 11 April […]

  • Belarus resumes price controls for pharmaceuticals

    Publication / Kirill Laptev, Marina Golovnitskaya, Olga Haiduk, Viktoria Shevyakova

    On 10 April 2023 Presidential Edict No. 95 was announced, reintroducing registration of maximum sale prices for pharmaceuticals sold in the country. The government will determine the list of pharmaceuticals subject to price registration, and the procedure and timeframe for implementation. The new act reactivates the approach in force under 2018 Presidential Edict No. 345 On the Registration of […]

  • International Comparative Legal Guide: Digital Health 2023, Belarus

    Publication / Kirill Laptev, Marina Golovnitskaya, Yauheni Budchanka, Olga Haiduk, Viktoria Shevyakova, Pavel Lashuk

    We are pleased to announce that Sorainen Belarus team contributed to the Belarusian chapter of the Digital Health Laws and Regulations Guide 2023 published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London. The team working on the Belarusian chapter included the head of Sorainen’s Life Sciences sector group, counsel Marina Golovnitskaya, partner Kirill Laptev, associates Yauheni Budchanka, Olga […]

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