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  • Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson: It’s up to us to protect Europe

    Video / Kertu Ruus

    Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, has gone down in history as the man who led Iceland to become the first nation to recognize the independent Baltic states in 1991. Jón turned 85 this in February 2024, and his daughter took him to Estonia to celebrate his birthday with his […]

  • Start up smart! Sorainen startup team

    Video / Mirell Prosa, Matas Mačiulaitis, Eva Berlaus

    Are you a startup looking for solid legal footing or raising capital for your next big idea? Or are you an investor interested in new startup ventures? We can craft a solution to precisely meet your needs! Having advised on more than half of the unicorn-making deals in the Baltics, our team has paramount experience […]

  • Webinar recording “The AI Act in practice: what it means for your business”

    Video / Mihkel Miidla, Oliver Kuusk

    This time we’ve focused on the European Union (EU) Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), which is set to become the world’s first comprehensive AI law, imposing obligations on both the private and public sectors. Together with our guest speakers from FibriCheck and Sparkle Consulting, we have discussed the influence that the AI Act will have on your businesses in […]

  • Expert advice for startups

    Our startup experts bring you valuable insights ranging from fundraising to corporate relations, offering you the best possible practices to consider for scaling your startup. Let’s dive in and learn together! Pick the fundraising model that suits you Are you a startup founder who is navigating the complexities of funding your early-stage company? Our head […]

  • Guiding Fintechs through the Legal and Regulatory Maze

    Video / Akvilė Jurkaitytė

    Our associate Akvilė Jurkaitytė shares with Nordic Fintech Magazine in this interview how Sorainen helps fintech companies navigate the complex world of regulations and legal challenges. She discusses the firm’s role in the fintech sector since its growth in Lithuania around 2017, emphasizing expertise in licensing, regulatory compliance, and AML audits. Akvilė also highlights the […]

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