Updating list of licensed medical activities

Draft amendments to the list of licensed medical activities have been published for public discussion. Discussion was closed on 12 December 2019. As of now, it is unclear whether the amendments will be adopted and, if so, when it will happen.

The purpose of the draft amendments is to clarify and systematise medical services related to physiotherapy, cosmetology, plastic surgery, and therapeutic massage, amongst others. If the amendments are adopted, spa centres without licences for medical activities will not be able to provide medical services such as massage, light therapy, and salt rooms. According to available open sources, the draft amendments aim to ensure that these services should be rendered 1) only by qualified personnel with appropriate training 2) using equipment with special registration and 3) only in spa centres that hold licences from the Ministry of Healthcare. This means that adoption of the amendments may change the legal framework of Belarusian spa-centre operations.


  1. Draft Regulation of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus “On the List of Procedures (Research, Manipulation) Related to Work and Services of Licensed Medical Activities”, available via link in Russian.