Whichever industry you operate in, we can be your trusted advisor in matters of environmental law, regulation and practice. Our regionally connected team provides an excellent combination of technical understanding, regulatory experience, entrepreneurial thinking and regional perspective so that we can help our clients manage environmental risk and make transactions smooth.

With increasing environmental concerns, regulatory demands are broadening at both the domestic and European level, and our clients rely on us to keep an eye on all developments. As processes and products across all industries can be affected by environmental compliance issues, you want to stay on the safe side – not least because liability issues have a strong impact on business transactions.

We regularly advise our industrial clients on matters related to SEAs and EIAs, including pollution permits, special protection zones, and remediation of polluted areas with a view to further development.

We can help you with

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)
  • Health, environment and safety (HES) regulation and permits
  • Regulation of chemicals, including regulation, evaluation and authorisation of chemical substances (REACH), biocides and detergents
  • Environmental liability
  • Natural resources
  • Green technology
  • Emissions trading
  • Nature protection
  • Waste management, including waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), regulation of hazardous substances (RoHS), and end of life vehicles (ELV)
  • Transaction advice
  • Environmental disputes and litigation

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