About me

I head the firm’s Real Estate & Construction practice in Estonia, also having an extensive background in handling M&A, finance and tax cases. I am deeply interested in developments taking place in society and seek to make Estonia an increasingly favourable environment for business. I expect that the government should trust its people and in legislation follow the principle that laws are made primarily for decent citizens.

Professional highlights

Building up the country. Having been with the firm since 1998, I have closely followed the development of the region’s real estate market. I most enjoy working on projects that seek to lay foundation to new things, such as forward-looking real estate and development projects.

Advising monumental deals. During my career, I have advised on a number of major transactions in both the real estate and energy sectors. Of the ongoing projects, the largest infrastructure projects in the region’s history are definitely worth mentioning – the Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel and RailBaltic pan-Baltic railway.

Finnish expert. Having studied and practised law in Finland, I also have comprehensive understanding of Finnish laws and how things are done in Finland. I have conducted transactions in Finland, and also have plenty of experience communicating with the Finnish Tax Administration on behalf of Estonian companies.

Heading office in Helsinki. For five years, from 2000-2005, I headed Sorainen’s Finnish office to act as liaison between the two countries.

Academic background

  • Concordia International University, Estonia (BA in Law / officially equivalent to MA)

I am a member of

  • Estonian Bar Association


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