Zoning & Planning

Our team is ready to assist you with all zoning and planning matters. We have taken part in many precedent-setting cases and advised highly prominent developers on dealing with issues related to zoning, heritage protection and protected areas.

If you are looking for help with larger infrastructure projects, you can rely on us to combine energy development know-how with expertise in real estate development – key to smooth project management, and testing and commissioning an industrial project.

Are you a developer who is being unreasonably restricted in your development rights? We team up with our dispute resolution team to challenge central or local regulations and to protect your interests. We have team members who have backgrounds in the public sector with regulatory authorities, as well as in the real estate development and management industry – they know very well what matters to developers of commercial or residential properties.

We maintain professional relationships with central and local authorities in order to help our clients resolve issues in a professional and constructive way.

We can help you with

  • Zoning and planning, including master plans, detail plans, special plans, protection zones, etc.
  • Local and international architectural heritage, including “old town” protection regulations, etc.
  • Acquisition of land or lease title to land; land subdivision; amalgamation; changing the purpose and use of land, etc.
  • Acquisition of agriculture and forestry land and advice regarding regulations governing these sectors
  • Disputes over zoning and planning regulations affecting the development

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