As has become a tradition, this holiday season Sorainen once again donated Christmas funds toward aid in Ukraine. As a firm, we want to use our Christmas funds in a way that makes the biggest difference.

Vehicle sent to Ukraine to help children

Just as a year ago, this season we supported the “Tryzub” Charity and Support Fund with their invaluable work by granting a pre-Christmas donation of EUR 10,000. Tryzub used these funds to acquire a minibus that will serve the Ukrainian foundation “Z Bogom u Serdsi”.

Ukraine minivan

Our counsel Andrius Šimkus helps run “Tryzub”. Along with associate Simonas Šlitas and other fellows, he has already personally delivered the Hyundai to Lutsk. This is part of their November mission along with four other vehicles delivered to Ukraine.

In June “Tryzub” delivered an ambulance to the foundation for the medical transportation of sick children, which mainly includes cancer patients and disabled children. The purchase of this ambulance and medical equipment was also co-financed by the people of Sorainen.

Ukraine ambulance

It has been the main strength of “Tryzub” to pool donations from various donors, including companies and individuals, to create the biggest impact. We’re pleased to know that our donation has been delivered by someone we trust to where it is needed most.

Hundreds of lives saved

“As previous mass involvement in supporting Ukraine has significantly wound up, our small but truly targeted input is very much needed and treasured by our sisters and brothers in Ukraine,” says Andrius.

“Tryzub, being a rather individual initiative, would not function without our sponsors and supporters. Team Sorainen, both as a firm and individual people, stands out as the top contributor. I am immensely proud of all of us for being not only great at our work, but also at striving to be genuinely good people. By now, our vehicles will have saved hundreds of lives. And I mean it literally. Thank you all and everyone.”