The beginning of the academic year was marked by the opening of a new coworking and leisure space for students at the faculty of Law.

The Sorainen Space – the name given to the fully refurbished area where students can relax, socialize, and prepare for seminars or lectures. The premises are equipped with ergonomic rest and work areas, power outlets for smart devices, and cosy interior elements.

In search of a motivating environment

During the official opening, Tomas Davulis, Dean of the Faculty of Law, welcomed Sorainen’s commitment to creating an environment that meets students’ needs: “Formal studies alone are not sufficient for contemporary students. The new generation expects a university to be a platform for discussion, networking and cooperation. In this respect, socialization plays an important role, so we are delighted with Sorainen’s initiative in providing students with a space exactly suitable for that.”

Tomas Kontautas, managing partner of Sorainen Lithuania said: “It’s always a pleasure to contribute to positive changes. Most team members at Sorainen are graduates of Vilnius University, so the new coworking space is, first and foremost, a ‘thank you’ gift to our Alma Mater for nurturing so many great talents. In addition, we consistently endeavour to create the best environment for students’ development. The Sorainen Space fits in perfectly with our other projects, such as the Sorainen Student Academy.”

A need repeatedly expressed by the Students’ Representation

Tomas Kontautas referred to the need for a coworking space again and again expressed by students. This was echoed by Karina Sinkevičiūtė, head of the Vilnius University Students’ Representation at the Faculty of Law: “It’s been a while since we started talking about the lack of space for students’ leisure and group activities,” she said, adding: “Not only Lithuanian, but also exchange students have been mentioning the need for it. Thanks to Sorainen and the Faculty administration, the idea has finally come to life. I have no doubt that students will enjoy the Sorainen Space.”