As we approach the 33rd anniversary of the restoration of Latvia’s independence, on 4 April the highest Latvian state award – the Order of the Three Stars – is awarded by decision of the President and the Chapter of Orders.

This time, the Order of the Three Stars has been awarded to the organisers of civic initiatives who have selflessly provided assistance to Ukraine, its soldiers and civilians, as well as to Ukrainian war refugees in Latvia. The award highlights the merits and contributions made by many well-known Latvian musicians, businessmen, and figures in the fields of culture and education.

We are delighted that the contribution of our partner, and head of Tax Practice, Jānis Taukačs, has been recognised with this high award. Jānis was actively involved in the establishment of the Entrepreneurs for Peace Foundation in the early days of the war and continues to work intensively to raise support and donations. Jānis’s enthusiasm inspired his office colleagues to participate, offering know-how and donations. A small overview of what has been done is available here.

On the award, Jānis comments: “This is a reward for Latvia’s part in the fight against the aggressor. Everyone is doing what is within their power and ability. A part of this award goes to all the people who donated a total of 6 million euros to the Entrepreneurs for Peace fund, as well as to the eager supporters at Sorainen who worked on tax and legal issues for the fund. Thanks also to the Ministry of Finance and the SRS, which after long discussions found a way to apply the law so that domestic purchases for further export to Ukraine are subject to 0% VAT.” On behalf of the entire Sorainen team, we would like to echo the reminder of the tax expert and urge you not to get tired of providing, organising and delivering support into the right hands. “This is also the time for paying dividends – let’s not forget that almost 30% of the CIT dividend can be replaced with donations. There is still a lot to be done to achieve peace in the region and each of us can help with it,” says Jānis.