“Small countries can be the birthplace of very large companies. Scalability can be achieved through software.”
Yael Elad, CFO of Aleph (Israel)

“There is no good reason why the Baltic countries shouldn’t open joint embassies in foreign countries.”
Kristjan Kalda, Investment Director of BaltCap (Estonia)

“People speak of Brexit more in the EU than they do in the UK.”
Jonathan C. Cohen, Managing Partner of Robocap Fund (UK)

“No way are we about to make the same stupid mistakes that big corporations have made!”
Martin Rand, Co-Founder of Vitalfields (Estonia)

“People say that they want healthy food. And what do people in the agriculture sector do? Use two times more chemicals!”
Kæstutis Jušèius, Chairman of Board of Agrowill Group (Lithuania)

“Don’t spend any time on things you are not good at! Try to become the best in the world in what you’re good at, and hire other people who are the best in the world in what they are good at.”
Jürgen Ingels, Co-Founder of Smartfin Capital (Belgium)

“There is no sign of crisis, but there is a slowdown – in the world, in Europe, in the Baltics. And Russian market will be closed for a very long time!”
Ivars Godmanis, former PM of Latvia (Latvia)

“The courageous rule the world. You have to be on the market early on!”
Jânis Skutelis, Chairman of Board of FlyCap (Latvia)

“It’s all about differentiating your product!”
Agris Íipurs, Co-Founder of AirDog (Latvia)

“Venture is all about risk, about growing companies, about long term. We are passengers on a train. We want to step on at the right station and hopefully someone takes over when we step off.”
Peter Benson, Managing Partner of Sunstone Life Science Ventures (Denmark)

“In the last 12 months, we saw 200% customer growth and 200% revenue growth. It’s good, but it’s only the beginning!”
Daumantas Dvilinskas, Co-Founder of TransferGO (Lithuania)

“There is a clear link between companies’ reputation and market value and investors clearly care increasingly about the reputation of the companies they’re investing in!”
Richard Bullard, Executive Director of APCO Worldwide (Belgium)