Lead Counsel Services

We have served as lead counsel on ambitious international projects that span beyond our region. We can do it by mobilising our professional network that reaches far beyond our offices and virtually covers the globe.

Global companies can trust us with taking the lead on international projects. Companies expanding from our region can rely on us to find them legal representation in regions where they are establishing themselves.

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Professional networks

We can connect you with a trustworthy adviser based on your geography and the specific needs of your project. Our partners include the world’s most respected law firms from all the continents. Sorainen is also a member of WTS Global, an independent tax network represented in over 100 countries.

We can help you with

  • Leading international legal projects
  • Finding legal representation in other regions

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  • Lead Counsel

    Olympic Entertainment Group

    Advice on establishing a JV in Italy and expansion to Malta.

  • Lead Counsel


    Advice in fundraising to expand services in Europe and Africa, and in a financing transaction in Malta.

  • Lead Counsel

    Livonia Partners

    Assistance in acquiring companies in Finland.