We successfully represented Elektrilevi, the largest network operator in Estonia covering 93% of the country with their network, as a victim in criminal proceedings.

Harmed the company’s interests in return for the bribe

The criminal proceedings were a result of the actions of Taavo Randna, a former member of the management board of Elektrilevi. Randna took a bribe and, in return, damaged the company’s interests.

Elektrilevi filed a civil lawsuit against the former member of the management board to the extent of the bribe received. The court issued a court judgement on 12.02.2021, by which the defendants were convicted and satisfied the civil action of Elektrilevi in full. Today, the judgement has entered into force.

Landmark decision in the field

For the first time in Estonian case law, the amount of a bribe received was awarded in favour of a company whose interests were harmed by a crime.

Our client team

The client was advised by our team of risk management, corporate crime investigations and defence specialists led by partner Norman Aas.