About me

I am a partner at Sorainen and co-head of the Dispute Resolution & Risk Management practice. My experience at Sorainen law firm also allows me to draw on the collective knowledge and resources of a top tier legal team, ensuring that clients receive the most comprehensive and effective legal representation possible.

As an experienced litigation lawyer, I specialise in a range of legal areas, including intellectual property (IP) law, reputation protection, criminal law, defamation law and media law.

Professional highlights

Defamation law. I have a proven track record of success in representing clients who have been victims of defamatory statements or publications. I understand the significant impact that defamatory statements can have on an individual or business’s reputation and am dedicated to protecting my clients’ interests by seeking remedies and damages where necessary.

Extensive experience in IP-related matters, including trademark, copyright and patent law, and have successfully represented clients in high-profile patent litigation cases. I understand the importance of protecting my clients’ valuable intellectual property rights and developing effective strategies for maintaining a positive online reputation.

As a licensed professional patent attorney specialising in trademarks, I am qualified to represent international clients before the Latvian Patent Authority and the Industrial Property Board of Appeal for trademark-related matters. In addition to my legal practice, I also share my expertise as a lecturer in intellectual property (IP) law at Riga Business School.

Representing victims of corporate crime. Whether it involves fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, or other forms of white-collar crime, I work tirelessly to investigate the case and pursue legal action against those responsible.

Government relations and lobbying expertise ensures that clients’ interests are taken into account by policymakers. I provide legal expertise to clients in these areas, helping them navigate complex regulatory frameworks and advocate for their interests at all levels of government.

I am also the head of the Defence sector group. Our team is well-equipped to provide clients with the legal expertise and personalised attention they need to navigate the complex legal landscape of the defence and security industries.

Ethical standards. I am a member of the Latvian Bar Association and a member of the Disciplinary Proceedings Commission. As a member of the Disciplinary Proceedings Commission, I am dedicated to ensuring that the highest ethical and professional standards are upheld within the legal profession.


Academic background

  • The Hague Academy of International Law (courses on public and private international law)
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, UK (intellectual property law and society course, 2012; course on cyberlaw, 2016)
  • Leiden University, The Netherlands (LLM in European Law)
  • University of Latvia, Latvia (LLM)

I am a member of

  • Latvian Bar Association (Member of the Disciplinary Proceedings Commission)
  • Association of Latvian Professional Patent Attorneys (LPPA)