MiCAR: navigating through the new crypto regulation

Place: Microsoft Teams Live
Time: 10:00, October 4, 2023
Working language: English

This summer, a milestone was achieved in the realm of cryptocurrency regulation as the EU published the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation, known as MiCAR. MiCAR was released as an important part of the EU’s Digital Financial Package — an ambitious initiative by the European Commission to regulate the wider blockchain sector. Whilst publication took place in the summer and MiCAR has partially entered into force, certain other parts of it will become applicable gradually.

MiCAR shapes the crypto market, ensuring financial stability, consumer protection and a level playing field through uniform EU market rules.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  1. General framework, key concepts of MiCAR and the timeline for its implementation
  2. Scope of MiCAR and interplay between MiCAR and other financial regulation
  3. Types of crypto-asset issuers, requirements for offering and admitting to trading of crypto-assets
  4. Authorisations under MiCAR: types, scope and process
  5. Requirements related to conduct of business rules, safeguarding of clients’ funds, conflict of interest and complaints handling rules

This webinar is essential for crypto-market stakeholders, prospective licensees and issuers, established financial institutions, governmental agencies and legal professionals, as it will provide critical insights into the evolution of the financial landscape.

Webinar materials

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