About me

I am an associate with the firm’s Finance and Insurance team with a focus on banking, financial services, fintech, plus prevention of terrorist financing and anti-money laundering (AML). I am experienced in fintech market participants licensing procedures, especially regarding the AML license and communication with the Financial Intelligence Unit.

Professional highlights

AML and terrorist financing prevention regulation. I have experience in helping to advise companies on implementing measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing – I have helped develop procedures for implementing these measures and carrying out AML audits. I regularly help with advising financial institutions and other companies on issues in this area. I have also contributed to developments in Estonian AML law.

Assisting fintech companies. My experience with fintech companies includes matters such as operations, licensing and other relevant regulatory issues. I also assist clients in communicating with the Financial Intelligence Unit – my experience includes helping to advise clients on obtaining an AML license from the Financial Intelligence Unit and general compliance questions regarding AML law.

Studies home and away. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Law at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom and recently completed my Master’s studies at the University of Tartu.

Academic background

  • University of Tartu, Estonia (MA in Law)
  • University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (LLB/ equivalent to BA in Law)


I am a member of

  • British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
  • Estonian Bar Association