Although the coronavirus has effected the Baltics like everyone else, Sorainen Country Managing Partner for Lithuania Tomas Kontautas says, it hasn’t, at least in the short term, resulted in any slow down in work, and he reports that commercial lawyers in Lithuania are “not only busy – but much busier than normal” in the week and a half since the country’s borders were closed on March 16, 2020. “There’s been a lot of activity on hotlines, and lots of questions for law firms,” he reports, “both in contract performance and employment matters, and in many other areas as well.”

Business in Lithuania, Kontautas reports, is adapting to the new reality fairly quickly. “What we are observing in the market is that the immediate shock has passed,” he says. “In the first week there was a substantial amount of heavy thinking about survival strategies and now business is pursuing a more cold-blooded approach.” And, in some areas, more than simple survival is on the table. “Some sectors are actually expanding,” he notes, citing both e-commerce and delivery (from supermarkets in particular, for instance, which used to represent a small fraction of all purchases, but now has a waiting list) as booming.Read the full article here.