Assistant lawyer Nikola Cīparsone compiled the material.  


Technology & intellectual property

Artificial Intelligence Act: European Parliament and the Council reach provisional agreement

Reached: 9 December 2023

The AI Act introduces dedicated rules for general purpose AI models that will ensure transparency along the value chain. Specific banned applications of AI are set, as well as fines for non-compliance. The draft regulation is being developed to ensure that AI systems placed on the European market and used in the EU are safe and respect fundamental rights and EU values. This is going to be the first legla document stipulating rules and liability regarding use of AI in different fields. The draft is soon to be adopted.


Criminal law

The Europeam Parliament and the Council reach an agreement regarding rules on freezing and confiscating criminal assets

Reached: 12 December 2023

The new directive is going to set out EU-wide minimum rules on the tracing, identification, freezing, confiscation and management of criminal assets. Such measures are expected to boost member states’ capacities to fight organised crime.

European Parliament and the Council reached political agreement on the Regulation to establish the new Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA)

Reached: 13 December 2023

The creation of the new EU Authority will transform AML/CFT supervision in the EU and enhance cooperation among Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). AMLA will be the central authority coordinating national authorities to ensure the correct and consistent application of EU rules.



The European Parliament and the Council reach an agreement regarding proposal to reform the EU’s electricity market design

Reached: 14 December 2023

The reform aims to make electricity prices less dependent on volatile fossil fuel prices, shield consumers from price spikes, accelerate the deployment of renewable energies and improve consumer protection. The mentioned reform includes a regulation focused on improving the EU’s protection against market manipulation through better monitoring and transparency (REMIT).


Other news

Deal on the EU Media Freedom Act

Reached: 15 December 2023

European Parliament and the Council agreed on new measures of protection of EU journalists from growing threats to media freedom and the industry’s viability. Among those, ban on forced disclosure of sources, use of spyware, transparency regarding ownership of the media, etc.

Commission opens formal proceedings against X under the Digital Services Act

Published: 18 Decemeber 2023

The European Commission has opened formal proceedings to assess whether X may have breached the Digital Services Act (DSA) in areas linked to risk management, content moderation, dark patterns, advertising transparency and data access for researchers. 

The EU and Kenya sign an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

Signed: 18 December 2023

The EU and Kenya signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) to boost bilateral trade in goods, increase investment flows, and contribute to sustainable economic growth.