Assistant lawyer Nikola Cīparsone compiled the material.     


Directive empowering consumers for the green transition and circular economy

Adopted: 20 February 2024

The Council has adopted a directive aimed at empowering consumers to facilitate the shift towards sustainability. This new directive seeks to strengthen consumer rights by amending the unfair commercial practices directive (UCPD) and the consumer rights directive (CRD), tailoring them to the principles of green transition and circular economy.

See also: Press release.

Zalando commits to provide clearer information for consumer following EU action

Press release: 22 February 2024

Zalando has committed to removing misleading sustainability flags and icons shown next to products offered on its platform, because they can mislead consumers about the environmental characteristics of the products. Starting from 15 April 2024, the icons will disappear and, instead, there will be clear information about products’ environmental benefits, such as the percentage of recycled materials used, etc.

Commission welcomes political agreement on EU-wide certification scheme for carbon removals

Press release: 20 February 2024

A provisional agreement between the European Parliament and the Council on the first EU-wide voluntary framework for the certification of high-quality carbon removals was welcomed by the Commission. This certification framework will positively impact the development of innovative carbon removal technologies and carbon farming which contribute to the EU’s climate, environmental and zero-pollution goals.


Technology / data protection

Council adopts regulation on the cross-border provision of digital public services in the EU

Adopted: 4 March 2024

The aim of the regulation is to set up a new cooperation framework for EU public administrations to ensure the seamless delivery of public services across borders, and to facilitate support measures promoting innovation and enhancing exchange of skills and knowledge.

The regulation will be published soon.


Banking and finance

MiFIR and MiFID II: new rules to strengthen market data transparency adopted by the Council

Adopted: 20 February 2024

The Council approved amendments to EU trading regulations, aimed at enhancing investor access to essential market data for financial instrument investment. These changes, affecting MiFIR and MiFID, seek to bolster the competitiveness of the EU’s capital markets globally while promoting fair competition. The focus is on empowering investors, notably by facilitating access to consolidated market data across the EU.



Commission fines Apple due to unfair trading conditions concerning music streaming services providers

Press release: 4 March 2024

The European Commission has imposed a fine of over €1.8 billion on Apple for exploiting its market dominance in distributing music streaming apps to iPhone and iPad users via its App Store. Specifically, the Commission determined that Apple enforced restrictions on app developers, prohibiting them from informing iOS users about alternative and more cost-effective music subscription services outside of the app, known as “anti-steering provisions.” Such actions violate EU antitrust regulations.