Assistant lawyer  Nikola Cīparsone compiled the material.     


Technology, media & telecommunications

Commission and the research community develop guidelines on responsible use of generative Artificial Intelligence in research

Official press release: 20 March 2024

The Commission and the European Research Area countries and stakeholders have jointly put forward a set of guidelines to support the European research community in their responsible use of generative Artificial Intelligence.

Council adopts new rules to protect journalists and media providers

Official press release: 25 March 2024

The Council has adopted a new law that will safeguard media freedom, media pluralism and editorial independence in the EU. The European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) will establish a common framework for media services in the EU’s internal market and introduce measures aimed at protecting journalists and media providers from political interference, while also making it easier for them to operate across the EU’s internal borders.

The new rules will guarantee the right of citizens to access free and plural information and define the responsibility of member states to provide the appropriate conditions and framework to protect it.


Intellectual property

Commission recommends actions to combat counterfeiting and better protect intellectual property rights

Official press release: 19 March 2024

The Commission has adopted a Recommendation to combat counterfeiting, both offline and online, and enhance the enforcement of intellectual property rights. The Recommendation aims to foster collaboration between rights holders, service providers, and law enforcement, while encouraging best practices and the use of modern tools and technologies. It consists of strategic initiatives to combat counterfeiting and strengthen the enforcement of intellectual property rights, setting out dedicated tools to increase companies’ resilience and ability to better protect their intangible assets, including against cyber-theft.



ESMA releases first rules for crypto-asset service providers

Official press release: 25 March 2024

The European Securities and Markets Authority, the EU’s financial markets regulator and supervisor published the first Final Report under the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation.

The report, which aims to foster clarity and predictability, promote fair competition between crypto-asset service providers (CASPs) and a safer environment for investors across the Union, includes proposals on:

  • information required for the authorisation of CASPs,
  • the information required where financial entities notify their intent to provide crypto-asset services,
  • information required for the assessment of intended acquisition of a qualifying holding in a CASP, and
  • how CASPs should address complaints.