Our partner and former justice chancellor Allar Jõks criticized controversial and ambivalent messages from the government over whether wearing a mask is mandatory, recommended or a guideline starting next week. Making mask-wearing mandatory would require amending the Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Act post haste, Jõks finds.

The government sent three different messages during press conferences and interviews on Tuesday. According to Allar, this is the worst possible option from a legal standpoint as controversial and ambivalent government communication when it comes to wearing masks in no way helps people understand what they need to do, what they should do and what they mustn’t do.

”It was difficult to keep track of the meaning of these words yesterday. Making something mandatory is clear. While an obligation to wear a mask needs to be fixed in legislation. Masks coming recommended or strongly recommended is also understandable and what I consider to be the best option. But then we were also told that wearing a mask is a guideline. The more different expressions are introduced to the discussion, the worse the situation becomes. Because what are guidelines? Synonyms of the word include recommendations, instructions or regulations. This means that a person cannot understand clearly what is expected of them,” Allar explained.

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