About me

Having interpreted law as a judge, Chancellor of Justice and attorney-at-law since 1991, I have a unique perspective on the Estonian legal system. I contributed to developing the Estonian court system as a judge of the Courts of First Instance and Second Instance as well as the chair of the Estonian Association of Judges. As Estonia’s Chancellor of Justice from 2001 to 2008, I stood up for a better culture of governance and constitutional legislative drafting. When Estonia joined the European Union, the country’s constitution was supplemented upon my initiative with the “protective clause”, which stipulates that the application of EU law may not come into conflict with the fundamental principles of the Estonian constitution.

Professional highlights

Developing government relations. I can proudly say that since joining Sorainen in 2009, I have contributed to creating one of the most talented legal disputes and government relations teams in Estonia. As a former Chancellor of Justice, I mostly commit to disputes between the state and the individual as well as assisting clients in their relations with the state. Several legal disputes won by me have considerably changed the legal culture and practice of governance in Estonia.

Active and vocal in society. An attorney should never be a part of the silent majority. Anyone who cares for Estonia should boldly speak up about important issues and use their clout, so I try to step forward. The Good Election Practices developed by me in 2009 and supervision over compliance with election practices by the public has positively affected Estonian election culture. In order to make Estonian legislative drafting more competitive, I initiated the Best Legislation Practice and the annual Best and Worst Law competition in 2011. To implement my understanding of a better Estonia, I participated in the presidential elections of 2016 as a politically independent candidate, winning the first round in the electoral body.

Acknowledgements for work. The President of Estonia awarded me the Order of the White Star, 3rd Class, for improving Estonian legal culture, and I also received the Friend of the Press award from the Estonian Newspaper Association in 2002 and 2010. A survey conducted by the newspaper Eesti Päevaleht in 2015 ranked me as the most influential lawyer in Estonia.

Believing in the young. I love instructing my colleagues, and am happy when I see the development of younger colleagues, the sparkle in their eyes, and their ambition.

Academic background

  • University of Tartu, Estonia (MA in Law)
  • University of Tartu, Estonia (BA in Law)

I am a member of

  • Estonian Bar Association
  • Estonian Bar Association Fundamental Rights Commission
  • Estonian Lawyers’ Union, Council Member
  • Estonian Academic Law Society
  • Water of Tallinn (member of the audit and corporate governance committees)