Estonians have not yet recovered from this fall’s electricity price shock, while the 2022 state budget already aims to considerably hike traffic fines and state fees. As if that was not enough, the government introduced a bill in late September that promises to increase the tax burden further, our partner Allar Jõks and counsel Piibe Lehtsaar write in ERR.

The Riigikogu is processing bill 442 to amend the Competition Act with the aim of charging a fee from water utilities, power, district heating and gas companies and transmission network operators that are supervised by the Competition Authority. In other words, entrepreneurs would be paying the state for control exercised over their activities.

”The draft’s explanatory memo reads that companies will add the supervision fee to their customers’ bills. Irrespective of whether the fee will be great or small, the bill raises several fundamental questions. These matters require broad-based discussion,” say Jõks and Lehtsaar.

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