As of 19.11.2020, employers must establish the contact persons of a person infected with Covid-19 in the workplace.

According to Cabinet of Ministers order no. 655 of 06.11.2020 “On the declaration of a state of emergency” from 06.11.2020 employers must appoint a responsible person for limiting the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

According to amendments of 17.11.2020 to Cabinet of Ministers Regulation no. 360 “Epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection” (the Regulation) The employer (the manager of a company or their designated responsible person) has the following new responsibilities:

  1. To identify and inform the contact persons of Covid-19-infected persons in accordance with the criteria set by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (the Centre) about the need to comply with home quarantine and the obligation to contact a family doctor for medical surveillance of every contact person. According to the annotation of the draft amendments to the Regulation, the criteria of the Centre are as follows:
  • personal contact closer to 2 m and for more than 15 min in both closed and open environments;
  • physical contact (handshake);
  • direct contact with contaminated discharge (sneeze, cough).
  1. To send contact lists to the Centre

According to the annotation, the amendments to the Regulation have been developed with the aim of facilitating the work of the Centre, because due to the workload of epidemiologists it is no longer possible to promptly identify all contact persons of these infected persons.

Changes in the procedure for payment of sickness benefits:

In accordance with amendments to the Law “On Maternity and Sickness Insurance” (effective from 16.11.2020), a person for whom a sick-leave form has been issued due to illness with Covid-19 or being in quarantine from 16.11.2020 to 30.06.2021, sickness benefit is granted and paid from the first day of incapacity for work.

The amount of the benefit – 80% of the average insurance salary.

If incapacity for work occurs due to acute upper respiratory infection, sick-leave form B is given for 3 days and then the person is sent for a Covid-19 examination. If the test is:

  • negative – but the incapacity for work continues, sick-leave form B must be closed on the third day and sick-leave form A must be opened;
  • positive – sick-leave form B with benefit amounting to 80% of the average insurance salary continues.