We have had the privilege to be part of many challenging and groundbreaking transactions to take place in the banking sector – from business set-ups and mergers, such as the complex region-wide merger of Luminor in all three of the Baltic States, and setting up the new bank Inbank in Estonia; to restructurings and wind-downs, such as Snoras in Lithuania and ABLV Bank in Latvia, as well as market exits and business sales. Whether for pressing current needs or a future change to be anticipated – like anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance, or development of payment services and new funding options – our clients trust us to always find exact solutions. We have a voice in policymaking, too: in Lithuania we helped develop close-out netting legislation; in Latvia we are legal advisers on the panel for the Finance Latvia association, which unites the majority of Latvian commercial banks; and in all three Baltic States we are working on covered bond legislation to provide local banks with new tools for funding their growth.

We can help you with

  • Banking regulation
  • AML and sanctions compliance
  • Banking litigation
  • Lending (general lending, leveraged buyouts, leasing, asset and real estate finance, and other financing)
  • Structured finance
  • Debt restructuring
  • Banking services

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