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Corporate Advisory

We offer a full range of corporate services that cover the lifespan of a company.

Establishing a company is one of the core areas of corporate advisory. Once a company is born, it won’t live a static life, instead undergoing numerous developments as it evolves. Corporate transformations typically include making changes in the company’s share capital, amending the articles of association, or making changes to corporate bodies. We also assist clients who wish to bring their business activities to a close. We stand out in adding value in complex cases, as we have unique expertise in the market to assist with complex corporate governance issues.

Handling daily corporate matters

Many clients see the biggest value in assistance organising day-to-day matters. We can help you with daily corporate maintenance and we will take on the responsibility of making sure your house is in order.

Making restructuring work

Corporate restructuring can be a complex process, and thus requires a logical and business-minded approach. This is where we work closely with our clients to reach the best result. We are experienced in working with cross-border mergers and restructuring, as well as the transfer of corporate seats from one country to another.

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