Corporate Governance & Shareholder Relations

We give tailor-made advice about how to establish and structure your company, and take all the other procedures on our shoulders, too – from opening bank accounts to drafting employment contracts. Then, once the company is established, we take care of all the corporate changes, small or large.

We provide sound advice on the best ways to organise your company – what type is the best for your business, what managing bodies would govern it in the most appropriate way given its size and nature, and what competences members of those managing bodies should have. We incorporate all this into the internal structure of your business, considering your existing corporate policies and the types of corporate identities available in the relevant jurisdiction.

Healthy shareholder relationships are a corner stone of each company. We help draft the agreements, whether following a M&A transaction or simply following the wish of owners to regulate mutual relations, which is always a welcome step. Should the relationships become strenuous, we assist during the times of conflict.

We can help you with

  • Formation of companies, branches and representative offices
  • Corporate governance
  • Management agreements and incentive systems
  • Management body rights and liabilities, disputes with members of management bodies
  • Shareholder rights, shareholder agreements and disputes
  • Liquidation

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  • Legal Adviser


    Continuous advice to the operator of one of the largest and most popular fast food restaurant chains in the Baltics on chain development and group reorganisation

  • Legal Adviser


    Advising one of the world's largest Internet Service Providers on implementing two consecutive share capital increases for Cogent Latvia plus other corporate changes

  • Legal Adviser

    The Port of Tallinn

    Advising major state-owned company after arrest of two management board members for taking bribes. In addition to cooperating with the Prosecutor General, we conducted a legal compliance audit concerning major contracts signed in the past 20 years

  • Legal Adviser


    Advising American energy sector giant on joint venture in Lithuania for exploration and production of hydrocarbon resources, including negotiating corporate governance structure for joint venture company and subsequent exit from the country and liquidation of the company

  • Legal Adviser


    Advising manufacturer of quality refrigeration equipment on creation of corporate governance system to facilitate attraction of investment from private equity house Livonia Partners and ensuring balanced protection for minority shareholder

  • Legal Adviser

    Manuli Rubber Industries

    Designing corporate governance mechanisms in joint venture between Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ) and Italy-based international group specializing in design, production, and distribution of reinforced rubber for diverse industries

  • Legal Adviser

    Major Polish construction company

    Advice on establishing a project-specific corporate governance structure in a Belarusian subsidiary