Stepping up trade agreements enforcement, the European Commission published a pool of almost 400 individuals eligible for appointment as arbitrators and TSD experts in bilateral disputes under trade agreements with third countries. Our partner Carri Ginter has been selected as one of the few individuals from the Baltic region.

“Once again, we are punching above our weight,” says Ginter, referring to the extremely tough competition for such posts. Eminent experts seek to serve on high-level arbitration panels such as this one for the valuable contacts and experience they bring, which in turn translates into added value for clients.

A diverse pool of practitioners

The pool is the result of a new selection mechanism, addressing demands from stakeholders and the European Parliament for a more transparent, independent, and inclusive process. The eligible candidates come from very diverse backgrounds and include legal practitioners and academics from all over the world and across the EU.

The Commission will draw on the new pool to make proposals for the appointment of arbitrators and TSD experts in specific cases, or for pre-agreed lists (rosters) under the relevant bilateral agreements with third countries. The Council will then make the final decision on such rosters.

As a part of the Brexit arrangements, Carri Ginter was also appointed to EU-UK Arbitration Panel by the European Council in 2021.

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