Outlined below is a checklist of the measures we are taking to keep our people safe while maintaining to support our clients. With the situation unfolding we encourage our clients and others to also implement these protective measures.

  • Invoke remote work possibilities for all staff members, even without Covid-19 cases in the firm;
  • Encourage employees to hold meetings via telephone or video;
  • Organise a Q&A session (via video) for your employees, inform them of the measures you are taking and the overall course of action;
  • Create a task force inside your organisation for managing Covid-19 related questions and problems;
  • Implement direct guidelines for the course of action in case an employee is suspected to be or has been diagnosed with Covid-19;
  • Share information issued by local authorities with your employees – what are the symptoms of Covid-19, where they can turn to for help, if and where they can get tested if needed;
  • Postpone any client events and office gatherings;
  • Organise for additional IT-support or prepare guidelines for problem solving for employees working from home.

If you have more specific enquiries relating to your matters with us or on how to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on your business, please contact one of the partners of the Sorainen Covid-19 task force.

The contacts for each country are as follows: