Merger control, FDI and foreign subsidies filings: business as usual or complications ahead for M&A activity?

Place: MS Teams Live Event
Time: 10-12, March 29, 2023
Working language: English

Are you an investor, startup, legal adviser or consultant or simply someone interested in M&A activity connected to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?

Are you worried about the ever-increasing number and complexity of the mandatory regulatory filings that need to be made before a transaction can be completed?

If you are not worried, is there a reason to be worried?

We invite you to a webinar, which opens with an in-house perspective on foreign investment and merger control filings in the Baltics. This should give participants a feel for just how relaxed or anxious companies which have had recent experience with FDI and merger filings in the Baltics are about the latest developments in the regulatory environment.

We then take a closer look at the foreign investment regimes in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and hopefully (further) decrease anxiety levels.

After the relatively new kid on the block (FDI filings), we will zoom in on how merger control is maturing in the Baltics, and whether it is causing any new headaches for transaction parties. As an advance warning, to give you time to take some painkillers, one new headache is the state fee for merger filings in Lithuania – it was increased to EUR 22,700 on 1 March 2023.

Finally, we will discuss if the Foreign Subsidies Regulation that, starting from 12 October 2023, will require certain transactions to be notified to the European Commission for prior approval is expected to have a major impact on M&A activity in the Baltics.

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  • 10:00

    Opening words

    Kaupo Lepasepp, country managing partner at Sorainen Estonia

  • 10:05

    In-house perspective on FDI and merger control filings

    Discussion with Tatjana Čaika, head of legal at Bitė Latvia

  • 10:20

    Key features of FDI regimes and lessons learned in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

    Matas Mačiulaitis, Nauris Grigals and Lauri Liivat, Sorainen Corporate and M&A practice experts

  • 10:45

    Impact of FDI filing requirements on M&A activity

    Lauri Liivat, Corporate and M&A expert of Sorainen Estonia

  • 10:55

    Key developments and lessons learned in merger control in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

    Piibe Lehtsaar, Marika Grunte and Monika Mališauskaitė-Vaupšienė, Sorainen Competition & Regulatory practice experts

  • 11:30

    Impact of recent merger control developments on M&A activity

    Monika Mališauskaitė-Vaupšienė, head of the Sorainen Competition & Regulatory team in Lithuania

  • 11:40

    Expected impact of the foreign subsidies regime on M&A activity

    Piibe Lehtsaar, competition law expert at Sorainen Estonia

  • 11:50

    Summary and closing words

    Kaupo Lepasepp, country managing partner at Sorainen Estonia