In the webinar, our competition law and mergers & acquisitions experts cover foreign investment and merger control filings in the Baltics and the latest developments in the regulatory environment; zoom in on how merger control is maturing in the Baltics and whether it is causing any new headaches for transaction parties; and discuss if the Foreign Subsidies Regulation taking effect on 12 October 2023 is expected to have a major impact on M&A activity in the Baltics.

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Webinar agenda (click on the timestamp in front of an agenda item to watch a specific presentation)

0:00:00 Opening words by Kaupo Lepasepp, country managing partner at Sorainen Estonia

0:04:45 In-house perspective on FDI and merger control filings. Discussion with Tatjana Čaika, head of legal at Bitė Latvia

0:20:21 Key features of FDI regimes and lessons learned in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by Matas Mačiulaitis, Nauris Grigals and Lauri Liivat, Sorainen Corporate and M&A practice experts

0:44:30 Impact of FDI filing requirements on M&A activity by Lauri Liivat, Corporate and M&A expert of Sorainen Estonia

0:55:37 Key developments and lessons learned in merger control in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by Piibe Lehtsaar, Marika Grunte and Monika Mališauskaitė-Vaupšienė, Sorainen Competition & Regulatory practice experts

1:23:33 Impact of recent merger control developments on M&A activity by Monika Mališauskaitė-Vaupšienė, head of the Sorainen Competition & Regulatory team in Lithuania

1:39:00 Expected impact of the foreign subsidies regime on M&A activity by Piibe Lehtsaar, competition law expert at Sorainen Estonia

1:49:11 Summary and closing words by Kaupo Lepasepp, country managing partner at Sorainen Estonia

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