Aira Bareikaitė



Lithuanian, English






About me

I am an associate with the firm’s Tax team. I advise domestic and international clients on direct and indirect tax law issues.

Professional highlights

Specialisation in tax law. I consult on various tax issues and prepare legal analyses and memoranda that help provide clarity to clients in the field of tax law. I support the team in preparing requests to the State Tax Inspectorate for a binding decision, postponement of tax payment, offsetting or refunding tax overpayments and framing inquiries regarding applying tax benefits and other issues.

Value Added Tax (VAT). My main professional focus is on VAT, so I regularly advise clients on fulfilling VAT-related tax obligations, the right to a VAT deduction, declarations and reporting. I also assess clients’ situations from a VAT point of view and provide legal conclusions to offer an optimal solution to the client.

Taxation of personal income. I help clients with individual income tax calculations, declarations, and social insurance issues. I often have to advise on determining tax resident status, the taxation of employment relationships, and the taxation of employees posted or working in several countries.

Continuous academic and professional development. I believe that a lawyer must constantly improve in the complex and often changing world of tax regulation. To deepen my knowledge of tax law, I regularly participate in various seminars, lectures and conferences.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)