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We have the expertise to solve your high-end tax or customs issues anywhere in the world, especially if you feel like there is nobody left to turn to. Whether you are dealing with an aggressive interpretation by the tax authorities, a need for a complex compliant structuring, an advance pricing agreement or family estate planning, we can help you.

Global advice always at hand

Sorainen is a member of WTS Global, an independent tax network represented in over 100 countries. It is the world’s largest tax network aside from the Big Four, and supports our tax team with specialised expertise in fields such as customs, TP, M&A, VAT, expatriates, private clients, etc.

One of a kind in the region

We offer a full range of taxation due diligence and transfer pricing services in the region.

The ITR trusts us. So you can too

If there is one honour in Europe that tax advisors are proud of, it’s being recognised by the International Tax Review. Our international connectedness has recently earnt us the award of Baltic States Tax Firm of The Year 2020. This marks the ninth time we have received this award, in addition to twice winning the Baltic States Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year award.

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