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Energy & Infrastructure

We have a lot of experience with infrastructure and utilities. Whether it is transport and energy infrastructures, or any step in the utility life cycle, we have provided well-rounded advice to international and local providers, as well as investors and developers, on the complex transactions, projects and disputes in the region, navigating this intricate and heavily regulated sector. Our clients appreciate our international know-how – for example, our experts with in-depth experience of advising about renewable energy, railway or tariff regulations in their home countries are always at hand for when clients in our other markets need quick access to that kind of expertise.

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A fine balancing act

The interests of the general public and infrastructure operators are often conflicting, which is why infrastructures are governed by increasingly complex legal frameworks in order to reach an equilibrium. And the strategic location of our region guarantees that infrastructures will continue to be a leading issue for governments and commercial players, so our ability to connect diverse sets of expertise will come in handy for anyone needing advice.

Full cycle

We are highly experienced in renewable energy and can support you in new infrastructure processes, electricity production and sale, from planning and construction to taxes and dispute resolution. And our experience provides us with a broader outlook on matters from trade to waste handling to recycling back into utilities – we see it as one clear process completing an entire life cycle and help our clients tackle issues at any point. You could say that we start from the other end – work on waste handling before it becomes waste. Already in the phase of trading, environmental requirements regulate packaging to reduce the waste footprint of the product. Then waste is collected and sorted for recycling, to see new life in utilities like fuel, district heating and electricity.

Ticking like a fine watch

We provide uniform tailor-made advice to each client and make sure to assign the best-fitting talent to each particular case. There is plenty going on behind the scenes to keep this happening every day and never let our standards slip, so our clients can rest assured that cooperation with us will be smooth and efficient.

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